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Our mission is to provide a full range of high quality services, programs, and opportunities which promote the independence and dignity of older adults while supporting those who care for them throughout Branch and St. Joseph Counties.

Creating An Age-Friendly Public Health System:
Community Assessment Survey

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The Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Community Health Agency, in partnership with the Branch, St. Joseph Area Agency on Aging (AAA 3C), & the Region 2 Area Agency on Aging (R2AAA) are working together to create a more age-friendly public health system for the community members that we serve. To do so, we need YOUR help!

If you are part of the aging population (60 years or older), or help care for an individual that is (and can answer the survey questions on their behalf), please take a few minutes to complete the community assessment survey. Your responses are greatly appreciated!
Thank you.

Please contact the Branch-St. Joseph Area Agency on Aging for specific information and assistance at: (517) 278-2538 or toll free (888) 615-8009.

  • We place the people we serve at the center of our operations, honoring their preferences and privacy.

  • We assure efficient use of public and private resources.

  • We develop programs and services using an inclusive process to promote healthy aging and livable communities for all ages.

  • We exhibit strong leadership which responds to changing needs and fosters collaboration and cooperation through the communities we serve.

  • We use effective communication to carry out our mission and vision in an open, respectful and unbiased manner.

For AAA services in Hillsdale county, visit the AAA Region 2 website or call 517-592-1974.
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