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Hearing Impaired Tips


  • Store extra batteries for hearing aids and implants. If available, keep an extra hearing aid with your emergency supplies.

  • Store extra batteries for your TTY and light phone signaler. Check your manual for proper maintenance advice.


Hearing Aids

  • Store hearing aids in a consistent, convenient and secured place, so you can quickly and easily locate them after a disaster. Consider storing them in a container attached to your night stand or bed post. Missing or damaged hearing aids will be difficult to replace or fix following a major disaster.


  • Install both audible alarms and visual smoke alarms. At least one should be battery-operated.


  • Determine how you will communicate with emergency personnel if there is no interpreter or if you do not have your hearing aid(s). Store paper and pens.

  • Consider carrying a pre-printed copy of key phrases, such as "I speak American Sign Language (ASL) and need an ASL interpreter."

  • If possible, obtain a battery-operated television that has a decoder chip for access to signed or captioned emergency reports.

  • Determine which broadcasting systems will provide continuous news that will be captioned and/or signed.


  • Recruit interpreters to be Red Cross emergency volunteers.

  • Maintain pressure on TV stations to broadcast all news and emergency information in open caption format and/or secure on-camera interpreters for emergency duties.

  • When you travel, ensure hotels have access packets for deaf and hearing impaired persons, including audible alarms. Ask for them when you check in.


  • ________ Store and maintain extra hearing aids and batteries.

  • ________ Install both audible alarms and visual smoke alarms.

  • ________ Write down key phrases for emergency personnel.


Developed by Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco in cooperation with June Kailes, Disability Consultant, through a grant from The American Red Cross Northern California Disaster Preparedness Network