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Food Service Fee Key

TYPE I – Service of potentially hazardous food items that require NO assembly, NO cooking of raw food items or NO hot holding.

TYPE II – Preparation of potentially hazardous foods involving assembly, cooking, rapid cooling, cold holding, reheating or hot holding.

COMMERCIAL – A food service operation that is owned or operated by an individual, company, corporation or group that is not tax exempt.

COMMERCIAL DEMONSTRATION COOKING VENDOR – A non-exempt individual, company, corporation, or group, that is offering food to the public as part of a demonstration. Their must be no exchange of money for food, including donations. The food is offered free as a taste and does not constitute a meal.

NON-PROFIT – Organizations that are tax exempt such as fraternal groups, clubs, and churches.

LIMITED NON-PROFIT – A non-profit organization operating a food service without liquor located at a fixed site and open less than 60 days per year. License limited based on physical facilities and menu.

FOLLOW-UP INSPECTION - A follow-up inspection is required for a priority or priority foundation item violation. The follow-up inspection fee is assessed when: a priority or priority foundation item is cited on a required routine inspection and was not satisfactorily corrected at the time of inspection; or the same priority or priority foundation item was violated on one or more of the last two required routine inspections; or when more than two priority or priority foundation items were violated on a required routine inspection; or when the same item(s) were violated on the required follow-up inspection. Fees assessed on the next year’s license renewal. Follow-up fees are not assessed to limited non-profit establishments.

ENFORCEMENT INSPECTION – An inspection made to reopen a facility that has been ordered closed due to a priority or priority foundation violation or a re-inspection that has been ordered as part of an informal office conference, formal conference or hearing.

LIMITED COMMERCIAL TEMPORARY – A temporary food service event that is operated by a for-profit organization. The menu must be limited to hot dogs, snack items, beverages, and condiments limited to ketchup, mustard, relish, and onions.

FIXED ESTABLISHMENT, VENDING & MOBILE UNITS: Charges apply when the fixed food service operator fails to submit a completed application for licensure before operating the facility or starting construction or remodeling of an establishment before receiving written approval from this office or failure to renew annual license before yearly expiration.
TEMPORARY FOOD PERMITS: Charges apply when an applicant applies for a
permit less than 10 days prior to the event.

NON-PROFIT COOK-OFF CONTESTS – These events are sponsored by a non-profit group who assumes the entire liability for the event and receives the proceeds of the event. The fee is the current non-profit license fee plus $5.00 for each contestant participating in the event.

SCHOOLS - A food service establishment that prepares and/or serves food to a school age (K- 12) population.

COA - A food service establishment dedicated to preparation and/or service of meals to the senior population.

Rev 2/10/14