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Find out about COVID-19 antibody testing

What we KNOW about antibody testing:

  • Some test sites offer antibody testing, but there is no information about which test is being used, or if it is an approved test

  • The test will not help your doctor treat you

  • It will not tell you if you can safely return to work

What we DON'T KNOW about antibody testing:

  • How accurately it can detect COVID-19 in individuals

  • If detection of antibodies means you had COVID-19

  • If it will detect past coronaviruses (like the cold)

  • If detection means you can spread COVID-19

  • If detection means you're immune to COVID-19

You can find antibody testing sites at If you choose to do so, please understand the limitations of antibody testing and continue to practice social distancing regardless of the result.
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