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BHSJ CHA is Monitoring Cases of Lyme Disease

Friday April 28, 2023

The Branch Hillsdale St. Joseph Community Health Agency has received reports of cases of Lyme Disease within the jurisdiction

The arrival of spring and the warmer temperatures we experienced in March and early April cause ticks to become more active. Ticks will remain active until Fall when temperatures are consistently below 40 degrees. A bite from an infected tick can transmit several diseases, including the bacterial infection Lyme disease, the most commonly-reported tick-borne disease.

"As residents return to outdoor activities, it's important to take precautions and protect against bites from infected ticks," said Rebecca Burns, Health Officer. "The best way to prevent tick-borne disease is to follow simple steps to avoid being bitten. Your Local Health Department is actively monitoring the jurisdiction’s tick population through our Vector Surveillance program. This information is used to better understand the tick population, tick behavior, and regional trends in diseases carried by ticks."

The best way to prevent tick bites, especially when spending time in wooded or grassy areas, is to:

Lyme disease is caused by bacteria transmitted by infected black legged (deer) ticks (both nymphs and adults), which are most active when temperatures are above freezing. Lyme disease can affect people and pets of any age. It is spread when an infected tick bites a person or pet and remains attached for 36 hours or more. Lyme disease can cause serious illness and debilitating symptoms.

The most common symptoms of Lyme disease are:

If these symptoms develop, it's important to seek treatment from a health care provider immediately.

If a tick is found on the body, it should be removed immediately:

The Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Community Health Agency is committed to promoting wellness, preventing disease, providing health care, and protecting the environment.

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