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Services to Victims of Elder Abuse

Dedicated staff at the Area Agency on Aging IIIC serve victims of elder and dependent adult abuse, neglect and/or exploitation through a person-centered and trauma-informed approach.

The Services to Victims of Elder Abuse Program offers support and services such as personal and criminal advocacy, referrals to community organizations, emergency financial assistance and much more.

Josh Englehart and Danielle Newhouse,
Elder Abuse Victim Specialists

Who We Serve

  • Any victim of abuse, neglect and/or exploitation who is age 60 or older who resides in St. Joseph or Branch County

  • Any victim of abuse, neglect and/or exploitation who is 18 or older and is dependent on others due to disability who resides in St. Joseph or Branch County

Potential Red Flags of Abuse


  • Lack of basic hygiene, adequate food or medical aids


  • Lack of items the victim can afford

  • Unusual spending and/or gift giving in large sums


  • Unexplained fractures, bruises, welts, cuts, sores or burns

  • Unexplained sexually transmitted infections


  • Unexplained changes in behavior

  • Caregiver/family isolates elder/dependent adult

  • Caregiver/family is verbally aggressive or demeaning, controlling or uncaring

The Victim Assistance Program at Area Agency on Aging Region IIIC can assist with any type of victimization. Anyone over the age of 60 or ages 18-59 with a disability, who reside in either Branch or St. Joseph County may seek assistance by calling 517-278-2538. This victim-centered program focuses on supporting the victim’s goals and needs.


“I think it’s a darn good program. Great people. They did everything they said they were going to do. I think the police and you guys (victim specialists) did a great job and helped me so much. I think it was handled pretty darn good.” - Ron W.

“I suddenly realized in the midst of that interview...I was not alone, that this happened to many many people, so many that they had formed a governmental department to combat saved my life." - Mary F.

“It’s been awesome, I wish more people knew about you. Since I found out about you there’s been a lot more resources I’ve found out about. It worked out wonderful, ya know?”  - Rex N.