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Get Vaccinated!

Monday June 17, 2019 - Sunday August 18, 2019

New vaccine commercial to promote immunization.

Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Community Health agency is participating in a television campaign that promotes vaccinations before the start of the school year. You can view the commercials below.

BHSJ immunization Information

This is a :10 ad that will be used in Pre-rolls. When someone clicks on the website of local TV stations and the School News Network to see a video story this is one of the uninterruptable ads that will appear

This is the :15 ad that will be in almost all of the TV and cable appearances. You should grow tired of this ad in the next 8 – 10 weeks

This is a :30 ad that was done for all counties. They are mainly going to be used in the Over The Top market space.

BHSJ immunization Information