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Results of Analysis - Coliform

Not Detected - No coliform organisms were detected in the water sample. The sample meets the state drinking water standard for bacteriological quality at the time of sampling. (Similar results may be reported as negative, absent, or zero, "0".) 

Positive - Coliform organisms were present in the water sample. Safety can't be assured. Collection of a resample to confirm the original result is recommended. An investigation into the cause of the problem by a qualified individual is advised. (Similar results may be reported as present or any number from 1 to 200.)

Fecal Coliform Detected - Fecal coliform organisms were detected in the water sample. Fecal organisms are found in the intestines of warm blooded animals, and, as such, their presence in a water supply is considered an indication of sewage contamination. Precautions are recommended in the use of the water supply.

Sample more than 30 hours old when received at the laboratory - Coliform organisms may die between sample collection and testing, or other bacteria may grow causing interference. If the time between sample collection and testing exceeds the above time limits, test results should not be considered accurate, and a check sample is recommended