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Myths about Birth Control, STDs and Getting Pregnant

You can’t get pregnant if…

  • It’s your first time

  • If you’re both virgins

  • If the guy pulls out before he ejaculates or if doesn’t go all the way in

  • If you have sex in a pool or hot tub

  • If the girl douches with coca-cola or vinegar after sex

  • If both partners don’t orgasm at the same time

  • If the girl jumps up and down after sex (to get the sperm out)

  • If the girl pushes really hard on her belly button after sex

  • If the girl takes a shower or bath right away

  • If the girl is on top during sex

  • If the girl takes aspirin and drinks a coke after sex


Myths about STD’s

  • AIDS only happens to Homosexuals
    WRONG!! – Ask Magic Johnson!

  • You can’t get AIDS or STDs if you have sex with just one person
    Don’t believe it!!! – One is all it takes.

  • You can tell if someone has an STD -
    Wrong again – don’t bet your life on it!

  • You can’t get STD’s from oral sex
    Excuse me, don’t you remember that skin to skin contact bit

  • Anal intercourse is safer and therefore okay
    Ok, no one believes that, but they used to

  • When I get to know my partner, they will tell me if they have a STD
    Yeah right, do most of your friends share this kind of stuff with you?? - NOT

Myths about Birth Control

  • You can’t get AIDS or STDs if you use the birth control pill
    Beep, wrong, the pill doesn’t protect against ANY STD

  • The pill is 100% effective against pregnancy
    Nothing is 100%, new studies even show being overweight reduces the effectiveness of the pill

  • You can’t get pregnant or catch a disease if you use a condom
    NO.  Condoms can and do fail.