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Adult Immunizations

Vaccines are not just for kids!  Many adults need vaccinations as well.  Here are the most common vaccines recommended for adults:

Influenza – Every year.  There is a high dose vaccine that is available for people 65 and older.

Tdap – All adults over 18 years of age should receive 1 Tdap vaccine.  This protects against pertussis, a national concern.

Pneumococcal vaccine – Many adults based on risk factors should receive a pneumococcal vaccine.  Recommendations have recently changed, we advise you call and see which one you should have.

Hepatitis B – Especially if you are a Diabetic.

Hepatitis A – Certain people are at high risk for contracting or transmitting this disease.

Zoster – To protect from shingles.  If you’ve ever had chicken pox you are at risk for shingles.  Did you know that you can get shingles more than once?  Even if you’ve had shingles, you should get the vaccine!

MMR – Measles, Mumps, and Rubella - If you are a healthcare worker or will be travelling to certain areas you may need a booster.

Are you going to be travelling?  You may need special vaccines such as Yellow Fever or protection from Malaria.  Call us to find out what you may need!
Travel Consultations

The CDC offers additional advice: