Coldwater 517-279-9561

Hillsdale 517-437-7395

Three Rivers 269-273-2161

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Private Pay Program

We are able to bill some private insurance companies, but not all.  You may pay for the immunizations and then submit a receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement; however, your insurance company may not reimburse you if we are not an approved provider with them. 

If you have no insurance coverage, we have special programs that cover all recommended vaccines for children and many vaccines for adults.  We also have counselors that can help you apply for health insurance that will cover vaccines.

For more information and guidance, we recommend that you call one of our Immunization Technicians at the numbers listed below:

Coldwater: 517-279-9561 ext. 100

Hillsdale: 517-437-7395 ext. 336

Three Rivers: 269-273-2161 ext. 208