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Lock It Up - Marijuana Safety

Lock It Up
Lock It Up

#1: Locking Up Your Weed Can Help Keep Your Kids Safe

While marijuana can have certain medicinal benefits for adults, studies have shown that it may be detrimental to a teen's brain development. Additionally, it can pose a safety risk to very young children. If you keep marijuana in the house, medication storage best practice is to make sure it's stored safely in order to help protect your kids from experimentation, or worse.

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Lock It Up

#2: Help Prevent Accidental Poisoning

Just like storing your prescriptions safely, locking up your weed helps prevent accidental poisoning. Marijuana poisoning is a serious problem, especially for young children. According to the National Capital Poison Center, young children have been seriously poisoned by swallowing marijuana. Cookie, cakes, and candies containing marijuana are especially tempting.

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Lock It Up

#3: Protect Yourself From Theft

Locking storage doesn't just keep your kids, teens, and pets safe... it helps keep you safe too! Unsecured marijuana can be tempting, and not just to unknown thieves or criminals. You may not even realize how many people have regular access to your home and may know where you keep your marijuana.  It's just as important to lock up your marijuana as it is your other medications.

At this time, we are no longer providing Lock Boxes.

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