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BHSJ WIC program


  • Each month in Michigan, 200,000 moms, babies, and children under the age of five receive nutritious foods from the Michigan WIC Program. WIC foods are worth $30 to $112 or more per month for each participant.

  • One out of every two babies born in Michigan receives WIC benefits.

  • WIC has reduced the percent of low birth weight babies born to women enrolled in WIC from 8.2% to 7.8%

  • Breastfeeding initiation rates increased from 48.9% to 54% and the six-month duration rate from 13.6% to 18.0%.

  • Children served by WIC have lower anemia rates, improved dietary access, higher immunization rates and are more likely to have routine medical care.

  • WIC impacts cognitive development in children. In fact, studies show that children served by WIC have improved vocabulary skills and improved memory.

What You Should Know

  • For every dollar spent on WIC, over $3.50 is saved in subsequent health care costs.

  • WIC is a wise investment, generating important improvements in the health and productivity of children.

  • In addition to direct cost savings, WIC services provide essential coordination with other health department services.

  • Local communities are supported with more than $120 million yearly when WIC foods are purchased at grocery stores and pharmacies.

  • WIC is administered by USDA and legislative requirements for WIC are contained in the Child Nutrition Act of 1966.

Available Services

  • Coupons for nutritious foods to redeem at local stores food coupons

  • Nutrition education and counseling

  • Infant and toddler feeding, breastfeeding, prenatal weight gain, anemia or iron deficiency, child growth and development and other related health issues.

  • Breastfeeding promotion and support

  • Referrals to other health services

  • Project FRESH
    (Additional coupons to purchase locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers' markets)

BHSJ WIC program